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Lesk a bieda konečného riešenia otázky miesta metafyziky v systéme vedenia prostredníctvom logickej analýzy jazyka (2008)

Author: J. Nikel

Affiliation: Faculty of Humanities, Matej Bel University , Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Philosophy of Language

Language: language

Abstract (english):

A fundamental aspect of Rudolf Carnap´s work in the period of Vienna Circle was accent for logical and syntactical analysis of science language. Tendencies of neopositivistic movement clearly presented in his effort to determine the pseudo-problems of metaphysics through the criterion of verification. Carnap´s starting point was the principle of empiricism physical conception. In accordance with this principle the philosophical problems are mostly the problems of language. The sentence has a sense only if circumstances expressly determining its truth or untruth can be stated. They are pseudo-arguments, because sentences of metaphysics cannot be verified by standard instruments of empirical sciences. From it Carnap deduced that in the language, which contained pseudo-arguments, pseudo-problems could be formulated. Carnap´s argumentation against metaphysics was based on (i) differentation between material and formal mode of language, (ii) assumption of given, and (iii) requirement of strict verification. That is why logical and syntactical analysis of language is a theory of formal structure of science language. Therefore, if any sentence should have a sense, it must be equipollent with the sentence of physical language. Pseudo-problems of metaphysics are determined by a key factor that a predication form of their sentences does not satisfy requirements put on logically correct language. Metaphysics by Carnap is inconsistent, because it does not contain a rigorous mechanism of its propositions verification.

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