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Machiavelli's Roman Nostalgia and his Critique of Christianity (2008)

Author: A. Makolkin

Email: anna.makolkin@utoronto.ca

Affiliation: University of Toronto, Canada

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Article type: Standard scientific article

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Abstract (english):

The name of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) has been long accepted by the grand historic pantheon of the recognized names-metaphors. These names, despite their status in the collective memory bank of our shared cultural history and being the driving force in the intellectual advancement, carry such a plethora of multiple meanings, that they still confuse with their allusions and mythology-based conceptions. And, Machiavelli, as one of such iconic figures in the intellectual history, still stands in world historiography as a giant sphinx, a person-enigma, posing an exciting intellectual challenge and being worthy of the scholarly scrutiny even in the “all-knowing” 21st century. This paper deals with Machiavelli's Roman Nostalgia and his Critique of Christianity.

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