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Biocosmology and Informational Anthropology: Some Common Aspects (2008)

Author: C. Guja

Affiliation: "Francisc. I. Rainer" Anthropological Institute, Romanian Academy, Romania

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Biocosmology (neo-Aristotelism)

Language: language

Abstract (english):

This paper is the result of the collaboration with Dr. Khroutski for several years. The presented analysis (and synthesis) firstly aims at reflecting common points that belong to both approaches (of BioCosmology and Informational Anthropology), chiefly in the aspect of fundamental (ontological and gnoseological) issues. Likewise, this work illustrates the fact that modern culture has arrived at the recognition threshold (in our knowledge) of realizing new real exploratory approaches that are capable of obtaining the true universalizing knowledge, first of all in relation to a human being.

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