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Nebezpečí kýče (2009)

Author: J. Černý

Affiliation: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Excellent Student Papers

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Abstract (english):

I demonstrate in this work that we can equate successfully some styles of human behaviour with influences of kitsch in the fine art on us. And we have not any reasons to separate the kitsch in the fine art and these styles of the human behaviour. The influences of the kitsch in the human behaviour can be (and often are) very dangerous. I should like to demonstrate to what measure can be dangerous that behaviour with its influence on the thinking of collectivity. And we can be sure, if the people can not recognise easier sort of kitsch in the art, they do not recognise the latent kitsch in the calculated human act either. I compare an encyclopedic definition of the kitsch to Hayek´s description of the unavoidable methods and dangers of the social engineering to demonstrate the dangers of all sorts of the kitsch.

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