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The meaning of life together and inter-relationship in business (2010)

Author: M. Bazela

Affiliation: Fidelis International Institute for Business Ethics.

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Language: language

Abstract (english):

The author argues that life together and inter-relationship are extremely important values in business, supposing we accept John Paul’s II vision of business enterprise as “community of persons”. Since firms are principally made of people and called to serve people, the ultimate purpose of business is nothing else but integral human development. Consequently, companies ought to act upon the ideals of life together and interrelationship by taking the road of social and environmental responsibility. The values of life together and (symbiotic) interrelationship turn into three major tasks for business: a) care for employees; b) care for local communities; c) care for the environment. Corporate exuberance seems indissoluble linked to welfare of local communities. This is why firms should have an interest in promoting symbiotic life together and mutually beneficial interrelationships with various stakeholders. The article aims to provide some examples of what care for employees, communities and the environment may mean in practice.

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