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‘Black Conservatism’: The Philosophy of Thomas Sowell (2011)

Author: J. Kerwick

Email: jackk610@verizon.net

Affiliation: Burlington County College, USA

Burlington County College
Department of Philosophy
601 Pemberton Browns Mill Road
Pemberton, New Jersey 08068

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

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Abstract (english):

In this paper I explore the concept of “black conservatism” by focusing specifically upon the writings—including his analyzes of racially oriented issues—of the contemporary economist Thomas Sowell. I argue that while there is no such thing as “black conservatism” in the sense of a political philosophical orientation supposedly distinguishable from other types of conservatism, Sowell is the paradigmatic instance of a black thinker whose thought is located solidly within the intellectual tradition of classical conservatism. To this end, I show that the conceptions of human rationality, morality, and the state underlying Sowell’s thought converge with those held by such notable representatives of the conservative tradition as Edmund Burke and Michael Oakeshott, with particularly close attention paid to accentuating similarities between Sowell and the latter. It is from the interstices of this conservative intellectual tradition that I abstract Sowell’s philosophy of race.

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