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Oscillations Between Barbarism and Civilization (2014)

Author: A. Makolkin

Email: anna.makolkin@utoronto.ca

Affiliation: University of Toronto, Canada

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Czech Republic

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

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Abstract (english):

Human advancement has never been a steady progression from barbarism to civilization, there usually were ups and downs of advancement of Being, values, skills and customs invented and re-invented, abandoned, forgotten and re-invented again and again throughout millennia. Having stepped into the 21st century, when Reason has basically abandoned many of us and encountering barbarism again, it may be useful to re-examine the overall human passage from the stage of savagery to the more advanced stages of existence, trying to obtain the approximate pattern of changes and re-define the meaning of civilization and barbarism. This re-examination involves a second look at the phenomenon of cyclicity and shift, possessing a quasi- biological rhythm. This paper offers a mini transhistoric and cross-cultural analysis of the civilizational shifts.

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