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New technologies, the Infoworld, and the need for actionable knowledge (2016)

Author: G. C. Pentzaropoulos

Email: gcpent@econ.uoa.gr

Affiliation: University of Athens, Greece

University of Athens
Department of Economics
1 Sophocleous Street
10559 Athens

Article type: Standard scientific article

Section: Philosophy of Science

Language: language

Abstract (english):

This article is about knowledge with power or else actionable knowledge. This kind of ability knowledge is often neglected in mainstream epistemology but its importance in today’s information society should not be underestimated. The central element here is the Infoworld, a ubiquitous world projected via the Internet. It is argued that information acquired via this world can be transformed into knowledge by means of logical inference. Knowledge acquisition is seen here as a continuous-time feedback process with its stability depending upon reliable information.

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