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Faculty of Economics, University of Economics, Prague

Instructions for Authors

Topics of interest

E-Logos journal accepts submissions of papers in following fields:

  • Epistemology
  • Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Science

The editors welcome scholarly and scientific work that draws on more than one disciplinary approach, as well as contributions from outside the Czech Republic. Authors should avoid unnecessary technicality and strive to be accessible to the widest scientific audience without sacrificing clarity and rigor.

E-Logos accepts papers in English, Czech and Slovak languanges.


Please address editorial correspondence to email addreses: pavlik@vse.cz (editor-in-chief) or vacuram@vse.cz (executive editor). You can also send printed copies of manuscripts from contributors to:

Katedra filosofie, Národohospodářská fakulta, Vysoká škole ekonomická v Praze, Nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3, Česká republika.

Paper format and other information

In order to ensure that manuscripts are reviewed as quickly as possible, authors are asked to submit manuscripts electronically using the email adresses written above.

If you submit your paper in printed form (note that electronic submission is preffered), send two printed copies of the manuscript and two printed copies of an abstract. These will not be returned.

  1. Please use one of the following four formats when submitting your manuscript: any recent version of Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  2. Every submission must have abstract in english language attached. Abstract should not exceed 250 words in length.
  3. Attach a biographical note of not more than fifty words.
  4. Attach a business mailing address and e-mail address.

Peer review process

(These peer review rules are effective since January 2007)
The editor of E-Logos sends copies of an author's work to reviewers (researchers or scholars who are experts in the field) by e-mail. There are two reviewers for a given paper, who are not from the same institution as author of the reviewed paper and are not members of editorial board. These reviewers each return an evaluation of the work to the editor, including noting weaknesses or problems along with suggestions for improvement. Reviewers' evaluations usually include an explicit recommendation of what to do with the manuscript or proposal, chosen from a following list: a) Accept, b) Reject, encourage revision and invite resubmission, c) Reject. The referees' negative comments and suggestions are eventually send to the author. The editor, usually familiar with the field of the manuscript then evaluates the referees' comments, her or his own opinion of the manuscript, and the context of the scope of the E-Logos journal, before passing a decision back to the author, usually with the referees' negative comments and suggestions. Reviewers remain anonymous to the authors.

Current issue

Next issue will be published in August 2019.

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